procedure de breed kreiken innovation scholarship

Uw gift telt, elk jaar weer!

Candidates, with the profile as described in 'Criteria and registration' are presented to the Named Fund's Allocation Advisory Committee. The committee consists of representatives from De Breed & Partners, Knowledge Park Twente, the Student Union and the University of Twente Fund. The committee nominates between six and nine candidates that are eligible for a scholarship. This selection of nominees is submitted to the Board of the University of Twente Fund for approval.

After being approved by the University of Twente Fund's Board the candidates are presented on the Companies, UT alumni and students may vote for the candidate they believe has the most appealing application. The candidates with the most votes receive a scholarship. The candidate with the most votes also receives an award.

Every year, the allocation of scholarships from the De Breed Kreiken Innovation Fund are linked to the Young Technology Award.  It is awarded every year in May or June. With this platform we aim to inspire and bind the network of De Breed & Partners, increase visibility and inspire future candidates.