Niers fund eHealth Voucher

Uw gift telt, elk jaar weer!

The Niers Fund eHealth Voucher is awarded annually to a bachelor or master student, PhD or young alumnus (within three years after graduation) who has an innovative idea for an eHealth solution. The voucher, consisting of an amount of 5,000 euros, is made possible by the Niers Fund, a Named Fund of the University Fund Twente. The voucher is awarded in collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Signals and Systems of the University of Twente and the eHealth cluster of Roessingh Research and Development.

The aim of the voucher is to stimulate new ideas for innovative eHealth solutions. Participants can submit an idea or a prototype, with an explanation of the impact for care or patient, the goal, the operation, the technical feasibility and the expected market potential. The prize must be used by the winner as 'seed money' to further the idea. In addition to the cash prize, it will be examined - in consultation with the winner - how the UT can support the winner with hours, materials and workspace. So that the winning idea can be developed into a prototype (e.g. in the Design Lab) or the winning prototype can be evaluated and tested (supervised by a researcher).

Who is Mr. J.L.M. Niers?

Mr. J.L.M. Niers was Queen's Commissioner (CdK) from May 15 1972 to July 1 1988. Born and raised a  ‘Tukker’ Niers was a teacher and lawyer in Hengelo and politically active as a KVP/CDA councilor, member of parliament and senator. He was the first deputy for the province to become Queen's Commissioner in his own province. At his request, upon his retirement as CdK, a fund was established to finance the endowed chair of Neuromuscular Control at the University of Twente. This chair was set up in collaboration with the rehabilitation center Het Roessingh in Enschede and placed with the Twente University Fund. In 2021, the Niers Fund has decided to convert the annual contribution to the chair into an eHealth Voucher to be awarded annually.


 Criteria & Subscription

To be eligible for the Niers Fund eHealth Voucher, you must meet the following conditions:



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