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The target group for the scholarships is the outstanding master student and young alumnus with an entrepreneurial attitude and the desire to study with a technical profile.

Master students and alumni are eligible for a scholarship if they satisfy the following conditions:  

  • The master student is expected to graduate in a technical master's programme in maximum one year.
  • The alumnus graduated in a technical master's programme a maximum of three years ago.
  • The candidate must achieve excellent grade point averages: An average mark of over seven [average mark until this point].
  • The candidate must have an entrepreneurial attitude and is preferably a 'student entrepreneur' or entrepreneur: A student/alumnus that already ran a business during his or her studies or is setting up a business, or is developing a product he or she wants to introduce to market.
  • The candidate must be able to demonstrate that, in order to be successful, he or she must acquire technical knowledge abroad: The course he/she (partly) finances with the scholarship must focus on innovation in his/her field with the aim of applying the acquired knowledge in the Netherlands.
  • The scholarships are intended to bring new innovative knowledge to the Netherlands such as by following a programme or course abroad, or by bringing an expert to the Netherlands.
  • Candidates must be Dutch nationals or have been resident in the Netherlands for at least three years.


Candidacies for the De Breed Kreiken Innovation scholarship opened on 1 January 2016. Nominations may be submitted up to 8 March 2016, to: 

The University of Twente Fund Foundation, To the attention of Karin Lienesch – SP319 PO Box 217 7500 AE Enschede, or by