2022 Winner

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Metz is the winner of the Professor de Winter Award for her publication in the American journal ‘American Journal of Political Science’ entitled Policy Networks Across Political Systems. The article focuses on a better understanding of technological transitions in the field of water quality and the removal of micropollutants from wastewater. Dr Florence Metz (Faculty of BMS) is Assistant Professor of Governance Resilience at UT and has a background in political science and public policy (PhD). The award was presented today on UT’s 61st anniversary on 12 May 2023, the Dies Natalis.

Florence Metz (37), who is of Franco-German origin, has already built a history of ambitious research and articles that have been published in the most highly regarded peer-reviewed journals such as Science.

“I’m a social scientist who specialises in comparative government policy, governance of environmental issues, and political networks. I work at UT as an assistant professor in the field of administrative resilience.” Her postdoctoral research was about policy transitions in various domains of policy, including risks of flooding, water quality, agriculture, land use, energy and sustainability. Currently she is analysing the historical interdependence of different policy sectors.

Professor de winter award

The Professor De Winter Award, named after the professor who passed away in 2005, is a publication prize for top female talent. The prize money of 2500 euros is intended as an incentive for the further development of a scientific career. This year the prize was awarded for the fifteenth time.