Criteria & registration

Uw gift telt, elk jaar weer!

This is an award for the best international refereed conference paper or international refereed scientific journal, written by a female lecturer or senior lecturer. The award for top female talent is partly made possible by the late Mrs. de Winter who passed away in 2013, in association with the Twente University Fund, and amounts to € 2,500. For this award female lecturers and senior lecturers can nominate international articles or conference papers. The articles must have been accepted by the journal concerned between 1 June of the previous year and 31 May of the current year.

To promote female scientific talent at the UT.

Target group
Female lecturers and senior lecturers employed by the UT at the time the related journal accepted the piece.

Assessment criteria
The assessment of the nominated international publications takes into account the quality of the publication concerned, illustrated by:


The following rules apply to nominations:

Nominations for the award must be in 1 PDF file and in the following order:

1. a supporting statement by the professor concerned, relating to the assessment criteria
2. a working link to the published articles or a digital version of the unpublished article together with written evidence of acceptance
3. the candidate’s CV

The nomination and the publication must have been written in Dutch or English. 

Nominations can be sent by email to Astrid de Graaf, Marketing & Communications via