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The first Kipaji scholarship will be received by a student Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) of the CTW faculty. The student is Suman Sapkota, gratuate in Mechanical Engineering from Kathmandu University, Nepal.

The Kipaji Scholarship Fund, founded by UT-relations and alumni, is targeted at talented engineering students in countries where the economy is still growing, such as parts of South America, Afrika and Asia. Through this scholarship students get a chance to study at the UT and return home with the knowledge they have managed to gather. The word Kipaji comes from Swahili meaning both gift and talent. Suman Sapkota residese in Shara, a small town in the east of Nepal. HE studied Mechanical Engineering at the university of Kathmandu. During this study he also followed an online course named: 2.01x: Elements of Structures offered by MITx, an initiative in online learning by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Suman Sapkota did his internship at E&T Nepal Private Limited, a Japanese company that does outsourced work for the Honda Motot Company Liminited.

"I'm a total energy nut" is something you say often.

Saptoka: "I have an insatiable passion for renewable energy: how to generate it, how to store and distribute it. It feels like a giant magnet pulling me towards it more and more. My project and my work coincides with my passion. My main interest is research and new information on renewable energy."

What do you wish to achieve after your study?

"I live in a country where there is around 40.000 MW of potential hydropower. Unfortunately only 600 MW of this is generated resulting in the fact that most of the people are without power for 12 hours a day. I've chosen a career in energy so I can do my part in solving the energy crisis my country is currently in." 

What scientific or economic contributions will you bring back home?

“My dream is to get the government of Nepal to cooperate with international NGO’s to create centers for renewable energy. Effective use of renewable energy will offer startups and local homes a way to combat poverty. The program I’m envisioning should encourage entrepreneurs in the Himalaya, where there is no power grid. Last year I helped work on a projects that help combat natural disasters and recuse workers. This project resulting in durable school buildings and shelters being built. Furthermore people needed to be supplied with food, water, medicine and cooking utensils to ensure their health.”

Why did you pick the University of Twente?

“I chose the University of Twente because of its excellent Sustainable Energy Technology study. The professors have extensive practical experience in the field, the labs are of the best quality, the atmosphere is great and the international aspect really was what I was looking for. The UT offers everything a lifelong student could ever need to quench his thirst for knowledge.”

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