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Help us to fly higher! (Aerobotic Tech Team Twente)

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Help us to fly higher! (Aerobotic Tech Team Twente)

We are Aerobotic Tech Team Twente (A3T), the youngest student team of the University of Twente. Our team consists of 28 international interdisciplinary students, who are all interested in drones and their applications. This year we are participating in the IMechE UAS Challenge in England. The goal of this yearly challenge is to perform a simulated humanitarian rescue mission using an automated drone. We are designing the drone not only to participate in this challenge but also to be used in a real-life application, where we actively help people.

With this in mind, we got in contact with the foundation Transport4Transport. They provide bike ambulances to small villages in Malawi. This company want us to map areas of Malawi, since a lot of their maps are outdated. The reason for this is that a lot of villages are moving around because of floodings. This way the foundation is able to locate more small villages and can provide more assistance to the local people. Besides mapping, the drone will also be able to deliver medical aid packages to people in need of medicine. This way we can assist the local doctors and deliver medicine faster.

'To optimize our design, we are developing a drone with a carbon fiber frame and tilting rotors. These tilting rotors allow us to take off vertically, but fly horizontally with the efficiency of a plane. To make all this happen we need your support, so we can help people in Malawi and make our drone succeed at what it was designed for!

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