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“ We are Solar Team Twente, a student team with one goal: to show the world that sustainable transport is possible! This year we are designing, building and racing the 10th Twente solar car! Our challenge: to develop an efficient, aerodynamic and fast car in which we want to participate in various (solar) races around the world. Good cooperation, in the team and with our partners, is key: during design, construction and racing. In October 2023 we will drive the unique and extremely challenging Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia, straight through the outback from Darwin to Adelaide. After winning in Morocco in 2021, we naturally also want to finish first in Adelaide. For this we need the best innovations! Will you help us?!”

Kirsten Bouwman, Industrial Design student and Team Manager Solar Team Twente

TARGET €5.000,-

Your donation counts, every year again!
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