Support clean water and our water lab

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Support clean water and our Water lab

“Together with my research group, I want to ensure that medicine residues are filtered out of the wastewater. These drug residues are harmful to the environment and also threaten our drinking water sources. Here in Twente, this problem is even bigger than elsewhere because no large rivers flow here, resulting in higher concentrations of medicine residues ending up in the streams.

The UT is one of the world leaders in membrane technology. We develop very advanced membranes that can filter all harmful substances from the water: medicine residues, but also pesticides and PFAS, for example. The filter system can be compared to porous straws through which water is pressed with high pressure and the water is purified. In order to be able to properly test the membranes, we would like to use 'real' water. A Water Lab is now being built on the campus for this purpose. Your contribution will help to build the best setup in this Water Lab so that scientists and students can properly conduct their research here. Many thanks in advance!”

Prof. Wiebe de Vos

Professor Membrane Surface Science

TARGET €10.000,-

Your donation counts, every year again!
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