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“Together with my colleagues, I am looking for a new way to fight cancer. Here in Twente we have developed nanoparticles, tiny 'capsules' of a few tens to a hundred of nanometers in size, which can train the body's immune cells to fight cancer. Result: Tumor growth in mice with cancer was inhibited by 70% and there were no metastasis formation. The big advantage of this treatment is that the body does the work itself and no heavy medicines, such as chemotherapy, have to be involved. This way is much efficient to eradicate cancer and less stressful for the patient. We now want to deploy a junior researcher so that we can work more quickly on tests with human cancer immune cells. Another step further in the fight against cancer! Will you help make this possible? ”

Prof. Dr. Jai Prakash, Department of Advanced Organ bioengineering and Therapeutics

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Your donation counts, every year again!
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