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Support our Campus Carillon

“At the opening in 1964, the UT received a special gift from the municipalities in the Twente - East Gelderland region: a bell tower with a carillon. Now, more than half a century later, our clock tower still stands exactly as architect Gerrit Rietveld designed it. The campus community can enjoy the enchanting sounds of 49 bells every day. We ourselves regularly climb the tower, often accompanied by the students, alumni and employees who receive carillon lessons from us. In addition, the automatic play ensures that the campus carillon often makes itself heard. This Lustrum year we would like to let our campus icon shine even more! With a number of innovations and technical adjustments, we can give the clock tower a sustainable impulse and make the campus community more connected to this beautiful instrument. Will you help us make this happen? ”

Esther Schopman (TO '93) and Hylke Banning (ET '92) - then campus carillon apprentices, now city carillonneurs of resp. Enschede and Oldenzaal

TARGET €5.000,-

Your donation counts, every year again!
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