About TDS

Twente Debating Society is a student-led society based at the University of Twente and was reactivated in 2021. Our aim is to establish a community for professional debating and offer students an opportunity to improve their debating and public speaking skills. We meet up every Tuesday to organize our sessions

You can thus join us on Tuesdays for two types of activities:

Workshops: Be prepared and gain confidence!

By joining our workshops, you will be given advice on how to perform outstandingly during a British parliamentary model debate. These workshops take the form of a presentation of about 15 minutes followed by a debate session where you can put into practice the gained knowledge. Whether you are a beginner or an expert at debating, we promise you that you will learn something! These workshops are conducted by the board members or by a special guest.

Debate training: Challenge yourself and others!

We also propose normal debate sessions to encourage you to express your debating abilities, notably the ones you acquired during the workshops. In the  British Parliamentary Debate model, participants are divided into four groups of two. Then, you will have 15 minutes to prepare and discuss the motion with your groupmate. Once the debate starts, each participant is allowed to speak for up to 7 minutes. After the debate is over, everyone will receive feedback on their performance.