QUNOM and ATMOC Workshop 2023

QUNOM and ATMOC Workshop 22-24 May 2023

The University of Twente, the Industrial Focus Group XUV Optics in the Netherlands and PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Nationales Metrologieinstitut) will be the host of the QUNOM and ATMOC Workshop 2023.

The workshop on ‘Quantification of uncertainties in nano-metrology’ (QUNOM) will take place on Tuesday, 23rd of May 2023

The workshop has 2 satellite meetings on the other days: 

The QUNOM Association (Quantification of Uncertainties in Nano Optical Metrology) supports the exchange of young scientiest in the field of nanometrology with the objective to increase interdiscipliinary collaboration from mathematics, physics and engineering.

We would be glad to welcome you to the University of Twente May 2023.

Igor Makhotkin, Sebastian Heidenreich (PTB) and Victor Soltwisch (PTB)

Kind regards,

Dr. Ir. I.A. Makhotkin, Assistant professor

Industrial Focus Group XUV Optics
University of Twente +31 534 89 1172