Former PhD students


Roger Coloma Ribera (2017)

Growth and thermal oxidation of Ru and ZrO2 thin films as oxidation protective layers 

Dmitry Astakhov (2016)

Numerical study of extreme-ultra-violet generated plasmas in hydrogen

Sebastiaan Huber (2016)

Illuminating the structure of borides through X-ray absorption spectroscopy

An Gao (2015)

Analysis of extreme ultraviolet induced surface defect processes

Slava Medvedev (2015)

Tailoring spectral properties of Extreme UV multilayer optics

Muharrem Bayraktar (2015)

Adaptive multilayer optics for extreme ultraviolet wavelengths

Steven Nyabero (2014)

Thermally induced diffusion phenomena and compound interlayer structural changes in EUV multilayers

Alexey Kuznetsov (2013)

Hydrogen particle and plasma interactions with heterogeneous structures

Jeroen Bosgra (2013)

Interlayer thermodynamics in nanoscale layered structures for reflection of EUV radiation

Igor Makhotkin (2013)

Structural and reflective characteristics of multilayers for 6.x nm wavelength

Robert van der Meer (2013)

Single-order Lamellar multilayer gratings

Eric Louis (2012)

Physics and technology development of multilayer EUV reflective optics

Toine van den Boogaard (2011)

Ion-enhanced growth in planar and structured Mo/si multilayers

Juequan Chen (2011)

Characterization of EUV induced contamination on multilayer optics

Saskia Bruijn (2011)

Diffusion phenomena in chemically stabilized multilayer structures

Véronique de Rooij-Lohmann (2010)

Nanoscale diffusion, compound formation and phase transitions in Mo/Si multilayer structures

Tim Tsarfati (2009)

Surface and interface dynamics in multilayered systems

Ileana Nedelcu (2007)

Interface structure and interdiffusion in Mo/Si multilayers

Marc Kessels (2005)

Interfaces in soft x-ray multilayer mirrors

René de Bruijn (2004)

Dynamics of laser produced XUV emitting plasmas

Remko Stuik (2002)

Characterization of XUV sources

Harm-Jan Voorma (1997)

Mo/Si multilayer optics for micro-lithography