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Thin film deposition using a variety of layer growth methods

The equipment includes industrial level UHV deposition set-ups for full size optics manufacturing, as well as many UHV systems for the detailed investigation of model systems, allowing e-beam, ion-beam, as well as magnetron sputter deposition. Two facilities, the Advanced Development Coater, and the Atomic Layer Growth and Analysis set-up, are equipped with a variety of growth methods, including e-beam evaporators, thermal particle magnetron (TPM) deposition systems, Kaufmann ion-guns, and an RF plasma gun. A third system allows well-controlled, optimized, large area deposition with a direct interface to the activities at the industrial partners associated to the Focus Group. The deposition set-ups are equipped with in-situ soft X-ray reflection systems, quartz crystal microbalances, and even real-time stress analysis tools for growth control.