See Student Laboratory Twente (SLT)

Pionts of Attention on Safety


  • Know the regulations and instructions.
  • Be prepared → know the experiments and know the safety issues.

Laboratory Regulations

  • Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited.
  • No jackets and bags in the lab → in the lockers at floor 3 and 2.
  • No use of mobile phones; no music.


  • Dense, stable shoes;
  • Legs covered;
  • Long hair bound to a tail of knot.
  • Use Laboratory coat and safety glasses  (Only in the Lab).
  • Gloves:
    • As indicated at the specific experiments or safety sheets.
    • Not for use of equipment → use a free bare hand.


  • 4 categories liquid waste → in vessels in the fume hood
  • Solid waste in the black clamp vessels.
  • Small waste: collect on working area
    • Liquid → beaker → waste container → rinsing → cleaning.
    • Volatile liquids: let vapors in fume hood → solid remains in black clamp vessel.
    • Solid → in waste bag → in black barrel → new bag in holder.
  • Cleaning glassware:  rinse 3x with tap-water  + 3x with demineralized-water → dishwasher/re-use.

Spill – mess – accident:

  • Report first to guidance
  • Direct evacuation if necessary
  • Cleaning according to the regulations
  • New gloves and new worksheet

Safety resources:

  • Eye-showers at the sinks
  • Full-body-shower in the corridor close to laboratory exit
  • Fire extinguishers

Calamity in the lab

  • Inform assistance
  • Call 2222 (only in case of an emergency in your own lab)


  • Put down all you have in your hands safely
  • Leave the lab and go to Horst canteen (meeting point) via the indicated route (keep lab coat and safety glasses on; leave all other stuff in the lab.)
  • Check in with your supervisor at the meeting point; hand in your coat and glasses; Wash your hands; wait for further instructions.