Soft matter, Fluidics and Interfaces

soft matter, fluidics and interfaces

Research within the Soft matter, Fluidics and Interfaces group is directed at interfacial phenomena and processes that are relevant for mass and heat transport. We wish to study and exploit fundamental principles where fluid flow encounters structures on a sub-millimeter length scale. Current topics of interest are:

Advanced microreactors

The fabrication and operation of dedicated (catalytic) microreactors, amendable to scaling are investigated. Emphasis is directed to the details of the flow dynamics and their relation to chemical conversions.

Soft interfaces

Liquid-liquid and gas-liquid interfaces are crucial in many chemical processes. Interfacial phenomena, including wetting behavior, interfacial geometry, are studied to gain understanding in related transport processes near these interfaces.

Micro- and nanofluidics

This topic addresses liquid flow in confined geometries. Its relation to mass and energy transport are studied in both experimental and numerical ways. Special attention is given to boundary layer and concentration polarization phenomena.


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