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Ultrafast Spectroscopic Studies On Materials For Solar Energy Conversion

Aim is to:

The aim of our research is to understand and control light-induced processes and their dynamics in materials with application in photocatalysis or photovoltaics, by tuning the static or dynamic nanostructure of the photoactive complex.

We use several complementary spectroscopic methods to visualize light-induced processes in real-time, such as femtosecond transient absorption (photo), time-resolved photoluminescence, infrared absorption, Raman and x-ray absorption spectroscopy. To directly connect fundamental processes  to the overall performance, we perform the spectroscopy studies at in-situ conditions, enabling to understand the role of parameters such as the electrolyte composition and the applied bias potential.

 Spectroscopic techniques:

  • Femtosecond transient optical absorption
  • Ultrafast photoluminescence using streak camera detection
  • Transient x-ray absorption spectroscopy (at synchrotron facilities)

 Recent publications:


Contact: J.M. Huijser (Annemarie)
Associate Professor