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Electrochemical Engineering of Hollow Fiber electrodes

Aim is to:

  • Develop electrochemical processes for conversion of CO2 to Syn Gas
  • Develop electrochemical processes for conversion of N2 to NH3
  • Develop electrochemical processes for partial oxidation of CH4 to CH3OH
  • Determine the effect of experimental parameters (electrolyte, pressure, temperature, gas feed composition) on process operation and stability
  • Compare the performance of hollow fiber technology to conventional gas diffusion electrode


 Recent publications:

  1.  R. Kas, K.K. Hummadi, R. Kortlever, P. de Wit, A. Milbrat, M.W.J. Luiten-Olieman, N.E. Benes, M.T.M. Koper, G. Mul, Three-dimensional porous hollow fibre copper electrodes for efficient and high-rate electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction, Nat. Commun. 7 (2016



CO2 to Syn gas

A.C. Sustronk MSc (Anne)
PhD Candidate


N2 to NH3

CH4 Activation

R.P.H. Jong MSc (Ronald)
Guest PhD Candidate