Hot photocatalysis

Aim is to:

  • Develop a photo-thermal process for conversion of CH4 to Ethylene using Halide chemistry and Ag-coated beads
  • Understand light and heat transfer properties of Ag-coated beads in an internally illuminated plug flow reactor
  • Develop kinetic understanding of methane-halide chemistry catalyzed by Ag
  • Develop a photo-thermal process for conversion of CO2 to SynGas using CeO2-supported metal based catalysts
  • Study the nature of defects on CeO2 by (low temperature) Raman spectroscopy (collaboration with Cees Otto (Medical Cell BioPhysics group)
  • Correlate the presence of defects to optical and photo-thermal catalytic properties of CeO2


Recent publications:

  • Will follow soon!


Methane activation:

D.B. O'Neill MSc (Devin)
PhD Candidate

CO2 to Syn gas:

D. Saadetnejad MSc (Dilara)
PhD Candidate