Photocatalytic Synthesis (PCS)

Techno-economic feasibility of photocatalytic water splitting

In this project a techno-economic feasibility analysis will be performed of a light-driven, renewable fuel-generating (hydrogen) process using semiconductor particle suspension reactors (photocatalytic approach). In particular, the focus of the analysis will be on a light to electricity to light to fuel process (l2l-process) where electricity generated from PV-panels or wind turbines will be first utilized by state-of-the art LED light sources used for particle suspension illumination and subsequent hydrogen and oxygen generation from water. Furthermore, in this project gas separation is of great importance. Different H2/O2 separation processes will be analysed, to find the most suitable and feasible separation unit. This system will be compared with other conventional process schemes, e.g. direct photocatalytic conversion of solar light to fuels and coupled PV-electrolysis. The goal is to define technical and economical obstacles that have to be overcome to allow the l2l-process to be compatible with other process schemes.