PCF is involved in the educational programs of

Applied Physics

BSc TN Algemene vaardigheden – Bachelor Modules 1 to 4

Team: OLD-TN, Michel Duits + 6 other tutors

Statistical Physics – Bachelor Module 7 – Physics of Condensed Matter

Course code: 202000702-2A
Team: Frieder Mugele, Dirk van den Ende, Niels Mendel, Femi Ojambati (NBP)

Soft and Biological Physics Minor - Bachelor Module 9

Soft and Biological Techniques – Bachelor Module 9

Course code: 2021-201700187-1A
Team: Michel Duits,  2 Teaching Assistants (PCF), 3 Teaching Assistants (NBP:2, BioEEE:1)

Advanced Colloids and Interfaces – Bachelor Module 9

Course code: 2021-201800083-1A
Team: Jeff Wood (SFI), Michel Duits

Soft Matter Physics – Bachelor Module 11

Course code: 2020-202001413-2A
Team: Michel Duits, Rao Vutukuri (NBP)

Capillary and Wetting Phenomena – Master Y1Q4

Course code: 193565000-2B
Team: Frieder Mugele, Amy Stetten

Chemical Engineering / Nano Technology

Advanced Colloids and Interfaces – Master Phase

Course code: 2021-201800083-1A
Team: Jeff Wood (SFI), Michel Duits

AMM-Characterization (CHE) / Characterization of nanostructures (NT) – Master Phase

Course codes: 201600043/ 193700010
Team: Igor Siretanu, Michel Duits, Annemarie Huijser (PCS), Mark Huijben (IMS)

Nanofluidics (NT)-Master Phase

Course code: 2021-193400121-2A
Team: Igor Siretanu, Tim Segers (BIOS), Frank Megens