See 2013

Professor Cohen Stuart new part-time chair holder of the Physics of Complex Fluids group

Prof. Martien Cohen Stuart is appointed as part-time professor Interfacial Physical Chemistry within the Physics of complex fluids (PCF) group at the University of Twente. Prof. Martien Cohen Stuart has received numerous awards, including the ERC advanced grant. He plays an important role within the Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry and he is chair of the Dutch Polymer Institute(DPI).

Prof. Cohen Stuart will contribute in research within PCF and the MESA+ institute for Nanotechnology to the fundamental understanding of the interaction of solid surfaces with electrolytes and complex fluids, which play – amongst others– a central role in enhanced oil recovery.

His research comprises the broad field of “soft matter”, with a special interest for (bio)polymers and surfaces. The PCF group expects a direct contribution to fundamental research of physical mechanisms that may ultimately also break grounds for new technological applications in the future. The PCF group also likes to join more national organized activities within the Dutch Chemical Industry association and the Dutch Polymer Institute.