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Ivan Stojanovic and Arjen Pit win Simon Stevin Leerling poster award

During the yearly congress held by technology foundation STW this 3rd October in the Nieuwegein’s Business Center three prestigious prizes were awarded.

Prof.dr.ir. Mark van Loosdrecht won the coveted Meester-prize for his contributions in developing new techniques to purify water. The prize money of 500.000 euro will go a long way to help realize this research.

Dr. Ir. Nienke Bosschaart truly earned the Gezel-prize with her empathetic speech on non-invasive spectroscopic detection of jaundice in newborn children. A prize of 5000 euros is attached to the award for further development of Nienke’s scientific career.

Nienke Bosschaart deservedly wins the Gezel-prijs

The poster made by Ivan Stojanovic (MCBP) and Arjen Pit (PCF) from the University of Twente showed their STW funded research and was rewarded with the Simon Stevin Leerling-prize. Ivan works on specific detection of molecules excreted by cancer cells, while Arjen works on cell-containing drop manipulation in microchips. The combination of these two techniques promises a quick diagnosis of a patient’s type of cancer. This personalized approach allows to use cancer drugs targeted to this specific type of cancer, which in turn results in less drug-induced negative side-effects for the patient.

After Ivan’s eloquent two minute presentation of the poster a large majority of the audience (58%) voted for this project. Arjen and Ivan happily take home 1000 euros.

The poster can be viewed as an interactive Prezi HERE.

Arjen (left) and Ivan posing in front of their poster

Ivan Stojanovic (left) proudly holding his prize awarded by Dr. Eppo Bruins