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1st Prize MESA+ David Reinhoudt Poster Award

My drop will (not) go on - Trapping in electrically tunable potential wells

The poster titled ‘ D:\Website\News items\MESA_prijs_small.pngMy drop will (not) go on - Trapping in electrically tunable potential wells ’ by Dieter ‘t Mannetje and Arjen Pit was selected as the first prize winner at the ‘MESA+ meeting 2012’ in Wolff Cinestar, Enschede.

The poster describes a method to trap, release and guide droplets of aqueous solutions using two electrodes separated by a small gap. The model used to describe the system can be used for a wide variety of situations, including drops sliding down inclined planes, drops blown over a surface by air flow or drops in a two-phase flow driven by the surrounding medium as encountered in microfluidic applications.

The judges found the poster layout appealing, liked the combination of a good theoretical model agreeing with experimental results, as well as the practical applications for instance in microchannels, and enjoyed the enthusiastic explanations by Dieter. We however are certain that the two references made to Celine Dion and Lord of the Rings had some influence as well.

D:\Profiles\Pit2AM\Desktop\MESA poster\CIMG5830_small.jpg

Arjen (left) and Dieter are all too happy to show off their prize. They ensured the other members of the Physics of Complex Fluids group that they would spend the money on buying a tablet, to be used by all members of the group. Yeah right…

The original poster can be found HERE. Copyright belongs to the PCF group.