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Jasper Homminga appointed as programme director Technical Medicine

As of 1 May 2022, Jasper Homminga is the new Programme Director for Technical Medicine. 'My added value is more in teaching than in research. At Technical Medicine, I have big shoes to fill, but I am looking forward to the coming period.' 

'After starting out as vice-programme director more than a year ago, Jasper is ready to take the helm of Technical Medicine. We are convinced that Jasper’s multidisciplinary background and broad experience will be an added value in further developing the programme, in close collaboration with students, teachers and staff. We very much look forward to our future collaboration.' – Faculty Board S&T

From ATLAS to TG
Educated as a biomedical engineer and after obtaining his PhD in Nijmegen, Jasper came back to Twente in 2003, where, at that time, the Technical Medicine programme started. 'I used to teach a lot in that period, both at TG and BMT. At BMT, I was module and project coordinator, and I designed one of the modules according to the then-new TOM model, of which BMT was a pilot. Then we set up ATLAS in a team of about ten teachers. We looked at what we wanted to do with the teaching and forms of education and how we could improve them. In 2019-2020, I was interim programme director of ATLAS, replacing Ans Netjes. After more than a year, a new board came in for ATLAS, and I decided it was time to look further.'

'My path lies in education more than in research. After a conversation with Heleen Miedema, the choice was made quickly. From 2020 onwards, I became the vice Programme Director of Technical Medicine. The intention was that I would take over from Heleen one day.'

Joint vision on TG
'Supported by a strong team and good teachers, technical medicine is a well-thought-out programme. It is also an academic and professional course (BIG registered). This means that we cannot change things just like that. However, I do see a great challenge in increasing student-driven work and maintaining and developing the shared vision of TG. We are a multidisciplinary study programme with lecturers from the medical, beta and gamma disciplines. Each with their expertise and background. All these backgrounds must be aligned in a vision that we can disseminate inside and outside UT.'

‘We couldn’t have wished for a better and more competent professional. Jasper dedicated his career to education and it shows. He did everything to improve his competencies. His experience in ATLAS will be certainly beneficial for our program. We wish him all the best.’ - Heleen Miedema

Jasper is the successor of Heleen Miedema, who started her work as the interim dean of University College Twente on 1 May 2022.