ZGT-Science Day

On Wednesday October 6th the Ziekenhuisgroep hospital (ZGT) organized their annual ZGT-Science day (Wetenschapsdag). A total of 24 presentations (oral podium and video presentations) were given by students and researchers. Tim Boers was selected in the category “best research” and he WON first place! He showed his work on 2D and 3D ultrasound analysis, for both diagnosis and treatment, of thyroid nodule phantoms. This work was recently published as Boers et al European radiology experimental, 5(1), pp.1-10. His work was judged as clinically relevant, innovative and with presentation that was visually attractive and well presented.

Among the 11 video presentations, one was selected best video, being the presentation by PhD student Lisan Morsinkhof. She is working with Anique Bellos-Grob on the low-field tilting MR scanner to better understand the effect of a pessary. Her video was judged as being well balanced with good use of animations and graphs.

For a short impression: https://vimeo.com/625503390