PIHC2020 Award

On Tuesday 26 January 2021, the Medisch Spectrum Twente hosted the online PIHC (Pioneers in Healthcare) Award Ceremony. During this event, 11 "Technological pioneering in healthcare" and "Applying technology in healthcare" vouchers were awarded.

MD&I is associated with one of the granted vouchers:
MR lymphography and magnetic sentinel lymph node biopsy in melanoma patients
Melanoma of the skin has a strong tendency to metastasize. Current-standard-of-care treatment is focused on dissection of the primary tumour and assessment of nodal status by an invasive surgical procedure: sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB). However, 84% of dissected LNs are negative for metastases. With this pilot we will concentrate on the improvement of care: developing a MR lymphography protocol for preoperative patient stratification into SLNB, and improving medical devices for perioperative LN detection. Consequently, this study will pave the way towards larger clinical trials to improve the melanoma treatment in terms of improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.
Dr.ir. Lejla Alic (MD&I), Dr. Anneriet Dassen (MST), Drs. Anke Christenhusz (MD&I), Ir. Jan Leerkotte (MST), Dr. Casper Smit (MST), Ir. Marjolein Hilgerink (ZGT), Dr. Noortje van der Bijl (MST), Dr.ir. Frank Simonis (MD&I) Remco Liefers (UT), Ir. Erik Krooshoop (MD&I), Mariska Schreven-Stellaard (Labpon).

Awarded PIHC projects

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