Equipment & Facilities

Clinical handheld magnetometer – SentiMag

The MD&I group owns a commercially available clinical handheld magnetometer (SentiMag, Endomag Ltd.), designed for localization of a tracer with magnetic nanoparticles in the sentinel lymph node. This probe can either be used for experimental procedures or education in collaboration with the TechMed Simulation & Trainingscentre. For more information, please contact Bennie ten Haken.

Photo of Sentimag probe
Sentimag probe system

Low-field rotating MRI scanner – Esaote G scan Brio 0.25T

The MD&I group co-owns a low magnetic field MRI scanner (0.25T G-scan Brio, Esaote SpA, Genoa, Italy). This scanner offers the possibility to rotate the subject, making it possible to scan in an upright position. It was mainly designed for use in musculoskeletal research where weight-bearing scans can give more insight into the severity or original of a certain discomfort. The scanner is used in both experimental and medical research. Furthermore, it is deployed in education in collaboration with the TechMed Simulation & Trainingscentre. For more information, please contact Frank Simonis.

Photo of Esaote G-scan
The Esaote G-scan Brio MRI scanner (Image courtesy of UTwente News)

Differential Magnetometry Laboratory

A well-equipped workshop and lab are available for in house production of custom coil sets, cryostat inserts, magnetometers and other experimental setups. Several (experimental) magnetometers are in use for (handheld) magnetic detection and characterization of materials. For more information, please contact Erik Krooshoop.

Photo of lathe
Lathe for the production of detection and excitation coils with a high geometrical precision

Robotic arm – Meca500

An ultracompactsix-axis robotic arm is owned by the MD&I group. This plug-and-workautomation component is easy to use and is the most precise six-axis roboticarm. Furthermore, its controller is embedded in its base, instead of hosted ina bulky external cabinet. For more information, please contact Erik Krooshoop.

Magnetically Shielded Room (MSR)

Our laboratory contains a magnetically shielded room (VacuumSchmelze GmbH, Hanau, Germany) for accurate noise characterization and EMC testing. Because of its relatively large size of 3.5 x 4 m, the room is suitable for relatively large setups. The lab room is equipped with helium recovery connections to facilitate the use of helium cooled setups in or outside the MSR. In addition, liquid nitrogen vessels as well as vacuum pumps are available for setups to be cooled with liquid nitrogen or using high vacuum insulation. For more information, please contact Bennie ten Haken or Erik Krooshoop

Photo of magnetically shielded room
Magnetically shielded room