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The researchers of M3I are involved in the following courses:

Biomedical Engineering


  • Module 2: Geometrical Optics during '' Microscopical detecton of cancer'' 
  • Module 7: Medical Ultrasound


  • TBA

Technical Medicine


  • Module 1: Bouwstenen van de mens
  • Module 5: Spijsvertering en endoscopie
  • Module 6: Cardiorespiratoire systeem
  • Module 10: Biomaterialen en vrouwelijk urogenitaal systeem

Our researcher teach within the areas of "Ultrasound" (technique, artefacts, continuous wave, pulsed wave, anatomy) and "Female pelvic floor and physiology"(prolapse, imaging). 


  • Case MII (Medical Imaging and Intervention) 1
  • Imaging Techniques
  • Radiation Expertise
  • Surgical Skills

Our researcher teach within the areas of "How to do scientific reseach", "Ultrasound", "CT", "X-ray", "Nuclear Medicine", "Suturing skills" and "Sedation".