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Prof. Dr. Bob Geelkerken


Bob Geelkerken is consultant vascular surgeon at Medisch Spectrum Twente with the focus on complex aortic and peripheral vascular disorders and he is professor at the M3i group, TechMed centre, Twente University. He obtained his MD degree at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1985 and his PhD at Leiden University in 1996. Bob has devoted more than a decade to developing competency-based training for surgeons. The CASH-3V training and exam program, format and content delivered by the Dutch Society of Vascular Surgery and the TechMed center, is a reflection of his passion for helping young talented professionals develop. Bob is the initiators of one of the clinical spearheads of MST, the Dutch expert centre of Mesenteric Ischemia. Since 1996 patients and professionals from all over the Netherlands know how to find their way to MST for advice and possible treatment of acute and chronic mesenteric ischemia. His present research focuses on clinical translation of advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment of vascular disorders as mesenteric ischemia, aortic aneurysmal disease and end stage PAOD. He is principle investigator of the Coeliac Artery Release or Sham Operation study, a nationwide borderbreaking clinical study. The CARoSO study, funded by the Dutch government, will settle a 50-year long discussion of whether the Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome exists. In his spare time Bob enjoys working on the maintenance of his wife and daughter's dressage stable in the beautiful countryside of Twente.