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This is an animation of the growth of SrRuO3 on TiO2 terminated SrTiO3. After the deposition of one unitcel layer, the termination is shifted towards SrO (RuO2 evaporates until the termination shift is finished), followed by step flow growth of SrRuO3.

TiO2 has green color, SrO is red, and RuO2 is yellow.


The corresponding RHEED intensity oscillation is given in the figure below. During the first oscillation (equal to the deposition of two unit cells of SrRuO3) the termination shift takes place. Afterwards the typically RHEED signal of a step flow growth mode is given: no RHEED oscillations, high RHEED intensity and enhanced RHEED relaxations due to the pulsed deposition. The vicinal angle of the TiO2 terminated SrTiO3 substrate is 0.36 degree. On the right the AFM image is given after deposition of 40 nm: still the imprint of the substrate terraces can be seen.


RHEED during SrRuO3 growth


This work has been done in collaboration with prof. Chang-Beom Eom, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Wiscons, Madison, USA