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Welcome to the Faculty Club S&T

THE FACULTY CLUB S&T IS there for anyone who feels connected to S&T in any way; socially, scientifically, technically, or just because you find it interesting to hear what is going on within S&T.

You, me, we, S&T

Under the slogan ‘You, me, we, S&T’, we’d like to create opportunities for colleagues from all over the faculty to meet, mingle and enjoy a variety of (social) activities! Whether you are a PhD student or a Tenure Tracker, emeritus professor, or support staff, the Faculty Club is for everyone!

What a great way to get to know each other outside of work, share knowledge, find inspiration, and get involved in the S&T community!

Action team

We as an action team ensure meetings for S&T members (and guests) for S&T stakeholders are organised 4 times a year with interesting topics. Do you want to know what S&T researchers and staff are working on or just want to meet your colleagues? We would love to welcome you to the S&T Faculty Club!

Want to know who we are and which activities we have planned so far? Take a look at upcoming activities for inspiration.


If you have an idea for an event, recurring or one-off, don't hesitate to bring it to our attention. Organisation is all possible under the umbrella of the S&T Faculty Club banner! Either you organise the idea yourself, or we help, it's up to you! We provide the basis, you provide the content.
Feel free to contact if you: