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Month of Integrity: Active Bystander Training

During the S&T's Month of Integrity, we especially encourage you to participate in the award-winning Active Bystander Training. The goal of this training is to learn how to deal with problem situations related to scientific, social and/or business integrity by distracting, direct action, delaying or delegating. In this one and a half hour training, you will be equipped with the decision-making skills that you need to overcome fear, self-doubt and any type of intimidation, sexual harassment, bullying and any form of exclusion, based on race, gender, sexuality and religion for example. The training given by Scott Solder (English) and Marloes Siccama (English and Dutch) provides you with communication skills to know what to say and do: how to react if you are the target of inappropriate behaviour and how to react if you witness poor behaviour.

We think it is crucial that everyone - regardless of position - in our faculty follows the Active Bystander Training and therefore we kindly ask you to sign up for one of the training courses via this link