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Master and Bachelor projects

Master and bachelor projects

The Bioelectronics group currently has openings for Master and Bachelor projects in the area of electrochemical nanofluidics and single-entitiy electrochemistry. In this research, we employ microfabrication to create liquid-filled, nanometer-scale channels and electrodes with which small numbers of molecules (and even single molecules) are detected and manipulated by electrical means. This enables both fundamental experiments on the physics and chemistry of ionic systems on the nanometer scale, and allows us to explore the ultimate limits of electrochemical detection for (bio)sensor applications.


Our research is interdisciplinary and we welcome students from all study programs with an interest in our topics. Do keep in mind, however, that much of our work includes a significant component of physics and/or physical chemistry, being at the interface between the physics of fluids, electrochemistry and condensed matter physics.

Because the most interesting projects at any given time can fluctuate quickly (this is exploratory research and there are surprises!), we do not at the moment post a list of specific projects. To explore possibilities, please contact Prof. Serge Lemay ( for an appointment.