For general questions and information about the group, please contact our secretarial assistant:

Mrs. Marthe Kampman

University of Twente
Building Carré, room CR4409
PO Box 217
7500 AE Enschede

E: BE Secretariat (TNW)  
T: +31 53-489 2805

Visiting our labs

General information on how to reach the University of Twente campus can be found here.

Some additional details: Coming by train, the easiest is to get off at Hengelo station. There is a large bus terminal in front of the station. From there you can take bus #9. The buses are frequent and coordinated with the trains arriving from the West of the country. This puts you at the entrance of campus, just South of building #1 on this map.

We are located in building Carré, which is #15 on the map. It is easy to spot from afar as it is tall, shiny, and decorated in a tasteful mix of white, black and red. The main entrance of Carré is through Hal B (#13 on the map). Our labs and offices are on the fourth floor, on the far side when you arrive from Hal B.