October 11th, 2022 Anna Ooms

Master Colloquium 

Title Colloquium:

Optimized and user-friendly workflow fot the fabrication of 3D printed maxillary hollow closed surface model obturator using CT, intraoral scanning technology, and computed aided/manufacturing.

Date: October, 11th 2022
Time: 13.30 uur
Location: RA 4334

MSc track:

Medical Imaging and Intervention

Master assignment committee:

Dr. F. Siepel
Dr. M.B. Karakullukcu
Dr. F. Siepel
Drs. A.G. Lovink
Dr. ir. L. Alic
Dr. M.J.A. van Alphen
Drs. M. Krap
Dr. L.H.E. Karssemakers