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About TIME

The Twente is Maintenance Excellence (TIME) consortium is a cooperation between four research groups at two different faculties, each working on different aspects of maintenance:

The focus areas of these groups range from technical and physical (failure modelling, life prediction), monitoring (sensors) to data analysis, maintenance process optimization and logistic challenges in spare parts management and resource planning. As maintenance is a multidisciplinary field, the cooperation of these groups enables an integral approach to many maintenance challenges occurring from industry. Moreover, the integration of the various disciplines also leads to scientific progress. Scientific research projects are executed in close cooperation with industry or in international projects.

From an educational point of view, the TIME consortium has set up a Maintenance Engineering and Operations (MEO) specialization in the Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering master programs. The associated courses cover the multidisciplinary approach of the consortium. Also a PDEng program is being developed in the same field.

This web page provides access to the research projects executed by the participating groups, information on staff members, vacancies and information on the educational program for students.