Video production


Use of video can make your education more efficient, effective and motivating. Using videos gives the possibility to learn outside the classroom, and/or learning on a distance. It can make your education much more flexible for your students. And maybe even more important: it brings variety in your education.

There are 5 formats of on demand video possible. They all have their specific functions and characteristics. In the video this will be explained further.

Which format should I choose ?

First, it is important to be clear about the function and purpose of the intended video. For example, video can support the regular education, but can also be used to replace (-parts of-) the regular education. Also the specific theme and the target group are of importance in making choices.

For questions and support in choosing the right format, please consult the TELT team at

Available services and products

The Centre of Expertise on Learning and Teaching offers several courses, where you will learn about the design and production of an educational video.  You can find them on the individual pages. To get a grasp of the basic, we offer the training:  'How to record an instructional video'