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Screencast - o - matic

What can be recorded?

Everything on your computer screen can be recorde. But you can also choose just a part of your screen to be recorded.logo screen-cast-o-matic


Recordings are made on your local computer. No part of your recording is uploaded unless you choose to upload it after recording. You can make up to 15 min recordings with the free version of this software program.



Additional advice

High quality microphone is recommended.The recorder works on Windows or Mac PCs. Mac requires OSX 10.7 or later. If you are on a Windows PC using a Java enabled browser (and Java is installed) then you don't need to download or install anything; see instructions below. Alternatively you can download the "Screen Recorder Launcher" so you can start the recorder right in your browser.

How to start

  1. Open ZEN
  2. Install "Java RE 8 Update 25"
  3. Open your internet browser: 'Internet Explorer' or 'Firefox'
  4. Point your browser to
  5. Click on the 'Start Recording' button.