What is a pencast?

Pencasts are interactive documents that combine your handwritten notes with audio.  You create a recording while you write. When you record a pencast, each stroke you write is linked to the audio you are recording at that moment.  The audio and the notes are synchronized.  All the pages you write during a recording are included in a single integrated pencast. A pencast can be very useful if you want to create instructions that contain formulas, model or drawings.  

Interested?  Please take a look at the video below to get an impression how it works:

You can also take a look at the example created at the University of Twente

Why a pencast?

There are several reasons to make a pencast.  Some of those reason apply to all video formats.

  • A pencast is extremely suitable for topics that include drawings (for example sketches), models and formulas (mathematics).  
  • A pencast contributes to a rich learning environment, in which students can learn in different ways. It meets students’ needs.
  • A pencast offers the possibility to learn (and to educate) independent from place and time.
  • A pencast offers the possibility to learn (and to educate) at your own pace (start, stop, pause, rewind).

When to use a pencast?

A pencast can be used at several moments in time, always keeping in mind your own learning outcomes

  • Use the pencast before the lecture as homework and use the class time for interaction, discussion and applying the knowledge.
  • Use the pencast after the lecture, to deepen the content or provide additional material.
  • Use the pencast for self-study, for example as preparation for the exam.

How to get started?

Pencasts can be created with different tools and setups (iPad, Explain Everything, MS Surface, OneNote etc). Please contact us if you would like to get started,  borrow hardware that we have available, or would like didactical advice or support. We also have a quality checklist.