Automated processing of multiple choice exams

Automated processing

The University of Twente offers a service for automated processing and grading of multiple choice exams. Until 2016, a UT-developed programme called Tentam was used for processing exams. From January 2017 onwards the exam forms are now scanned and analyzed using the software programma ConTest.

ConTest screenshot

This page gives an overview of the changeover from Tentam to ConTest, as well as instructions for new users.

Forms and workflow

You can use two different forms for automated scanning with ConTest. These  forms can be downloaded from this website:

  • Answer form to be used for multiple choice questions with four answer options: 100MC(4).pdf (Code=38431)
  • Answer form for multiple choice questions with up to seven answer options, and Yes/No questions: 50MC(7)-50JN.pdf (Code = 25223)

Furthermore you should also use a work order for the scan service (necessary when delivering an exam to the scan service): Examination-Processing-Form.docx

Please note:

  • All other Tentam forms have been discontinued.
  • It is no longer possible to use multiple types of answer forms for the same exam.
  • If multiple exams are combined in one sitting, please make sure the students use a separate form for each exam.

When you hand in the exam for processing (see below for the process), please include the following:

  1. 1x Examination Processing Form
  2. 1x Answer form containing the correct answers (student number=0000000)
  3. The students’ answer forms (one per student)


You can receive four possible reports after processing:

  1. The answers for each student in CSV format (see sample file)
  2. The grades per student as calculated by ConTest, in Excel format (see sample ReportBook.xls file)
  3. A detailed exam analysis in PDF format (see sample ReportBook.pdf file)
  4. A PDF file containing the scans of all student forms (see example formscan.pdf file)

More information about these reports is available on the assessment website. That site also contains information about how the exam grades are calculated.


Please note change in address! The exams and forms need to be delivered to Jan van Zyll.

New location (starting Nov. 20, 2018): Spiegel 238
Please do not use the internal mail.  

Jan van Zyll is in charge of exam processing (Phone: 2194). Jan de Goeijen is the coordinator of this service (Spiegel 238, Phone: 2637)

Processing takes three business days. For shorter turnaround times, please contact Jan van Zyll or Jan de Goeijen.