NVBMB Spring Meeting 2024

Exploring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Biochemistry, Biology, and Biophysics

Join us at the one-day Spring Symposium of the NVBMB 2024 on "Exploring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Biochemistry, Biology, and Biophysics"! Taking place on Thursday, May 30, 2024, at the University of Twente in Enschede, this symposium addresses the pressing need to harness AI in understanding complex biological systems. In an era where data production outpaces manual analysis, mastering AI fundamentals is essential. Researchers leveraging AI techniques can navigate vast datasets, unveiling meaningful insights and predictive models.

This symposium offers participants an opportunity to refine their understanding of AI's role in biology. Through insightful sessions, attendees will delve into predicting molecular interactions, modelling dynamic processes, and unravelling complex biological phenomena. Our esteemed speakers, including Prof. Olivier Lieleg (Uni München), Prof. Sanne Abeln (Utrecht University), Dr. Aalt-Jan van Dijk (WUR), Doina Bucur (UT), and Dr. Maurice van Keulen (UT), will showcase how AI augments research accuracy, efficiency, and innovation. Join us to bridge knowledge gaps and foster interdisciplinary collaborations at the forefront of AI-driven biological research.

We invite BSc/MSc and PhD students and lecturers to present a poster explaining how they use AI or ML for their research or STEM education.


AI and ML principles for (bio)chemistry, molecular biology, and biophysics;  AI for identifying genomic alterations in cancer, AI for protein function prediction, AI for network generation, molecular machine learning for drug development, and more.

Where & When
  • Date: 30 May 2024
  • Time: Full day
  • Location: TechMed Centre, on the campus of The University of Twente; Drienerlolaan 5 in Enschede


To participate in the event, you need to purchase a ticket. For non-members, the cost is €25. For members of NVBMB or students in the UT course Biochemistry 193740050, attendance is free of charge.

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