Future Under Our Skin #2 Towards more Empathy in Biomedical Engineering

The future under our skin #2

Future under our skin (FUOS) is the platform, which takes place on November 28 at the University of Twente (TechMed Centre), that centres around the shared vision of utilizing the human skin as a transformative platform to enhance the quality of life for its participants. This visionary initiative came to life with its inaugural edition held at the prestigious Design Lab, empowered by Techmed, MESA+ Institute, in the year 2018. Since then, FUOS has undergone a remarkable evolution, blossoming into a thriving academic-to-user network that brings together a diverse array of brilliant minds, including esteemed scientists, accomplished dermatologists, talented cosmeticians, skilled tattoo artists, and influential patient organizations.

The profound impact of FUOS has been profound, yielding numerous valuable outcomes, most notably in the form of impactful scientific publications and fostering pioneering collaborations between distinguished academics, esteemed health institutions, and innovative companies at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements in the field (see the provided link for an illuminating video presentation). The commitment and engagement of experts from various fields have been secured, instilling an eagerness and anticipation to nurture more meaningful and transformative interactions in the future. Undeniably, this collective endeavor holds the potential to shape a clearer and more comprehensive vision, revolutionizing the way we approach innovation, surmount regulatory challenges, and contribute to a sustainable world by diminishing the ecological footprint associated with skin-related technologies. With each stride forward, FUOS shines as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to a future where the untapped potential of the human skin, when harnessed through collaborative efforts, unlocks unprecedented possibilities for enriching lives, propelling scientific discoveries, and fostering meaningful transformations on a global scale.

28 November 2023 | 2 events

Expert Symposium & 
Citizen Experience Event

TechMed Centre - UT

The platform: 2 events

On November 28th, we are organizing two distinct events: the Expert Symposium and the Citizen Experience Event. These gatherings aim to foster mutual information exchange, inspiration, and the opportunity to get to know one another better, with the ultimate goal of exploring potential collaborations. Take a look at the programs of both events to determine which one best suits your interests and preferences for participation.

Expert symposium

The upcoming Expert Symposium, scheduled from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, is a significant gathering, inviting medical professionals, researchers, businesses, and various professionals/organizations. It aims to collaboratively create a roadmap for a future under our skin, utilizing cutting-edge medical technologies. The event fosters dynamic idea exchange and meaningful connections among experts from different disciplines, seeking to positively impact lives through innovative skin-related applications. The symposium emphasizes collaboration and co-creation, envisioning a future where medical technologies drive progress and enhance the quality of life. Participants' insights and contributions are eagerly awaited on this transformative journey.

  • Time: 10.00 - 17.00
  • Location: TechMed Centre > Auditorium (ground floor)
  • Language: English
  • Format: Live event 
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The programme 

Get ready for an enriching and inspiring day program filled with interactive discussions and engaging activities. Participants will collaborate closely to explore challenges within specific sub-themes and work together on initial solutions, fostering an atmosphere of innovation. The core of the day lies in parallel workshops, where collaboration and creativity thrive. Active participation allows attendees to exchange ideas and leverage collective expertise, paving the way for potential solutions. The plenary program includes a guided tour, offering an immersive exploration of groundbreaking innovations and state-of-the-art laboratory spaces, showcasing the transformative power of visionary endeavours. Keynote lectures from esteemed thought leaders will ignite inspiration, sparking new ideas and imaginative thinking. The day also features a dedicated matchmaking program, facilitating connections and potential collaborations across disciplines. A definitive program with detailed information, including speakers and time slots, will be unveiled by mid-September, allowing participants to plan their experience.

Planning to attend the event but worried about your kids? Worry no more! Bring them along with you, as we have a specially curated kid's playground where they can play under supervision. Not only will they have a fun-filled time, but they will also get the chance to receive a "Researcher-of-the-Future" diploma. It's a wonderful opportunity to engage your kids in an exciting and educational experience while you enjoy the event.

Already confirmed keynote lecture:

Keynote lecture
Prof. Samir Mitragotri
Professor - Harvard University

Professor Mitragotri’s research is focused on drug delivery. His research has advanced a fundamental understanding of biological barriers and has led to the development of new materials as well as technologies for the treatment of various ailments including diabetes, cancer, skin diseases, multiple sclerosis, and infections, among others. Many of his inventions have advanced to clinical technologies. His research has led to a number of start-up companies. At the same time, the fundamental knowledge developed through his research has advanced the understanding of the biology of barriers in the human body. Prof. Mitragotri has pioneered novel technologies using ultrasound and ionic liquids to enable transdermal delivery of proteins, peptides, and siRNA. He has also developed novel technologies including ionic liquids for oral delivery of proteins such as insulin and other peptides. Prof. Mitragotri has invented systems that make use of synthetic carriers hitchhiking on natural cells such as red blood cells, macrophages, neutrophils, T cells, and NK cells for targeted delivery of drugs and cells.

Professor Mitragotri is the Hiller Professor of Bioengineering and Hansjörg Wyss Professor of Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. He has authored over 400 publications, is an inventor of over 225 issued/pending patents, and has given over 500 invited lectures. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Medicine and National Academy of Inventors. He is also an elected fellow of AAAS, CRS, BMES, AIMBE, and AA PS. He received BS in Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology, India and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Keynote lecture
Patrick Anquetil PhD MBA CEO - Portal Instruments

Portal Instruments is a clinical-stage drug delivery company transforming injectable biologics therapies with a modern needle-free drug delivery device. The Portal device is computer controlled and cloud-connected to enhance at-home self-injections of expensive biologics for patients suffering from chronic diseases. Multiple studies have shown that the delivery experience with the Portal device is much preferred by human subjects and less painful than a needle and syringe.

Citizen Experience Event

The event invites curious people, such as citizens, students, and patient group representatives, to an engaging evening program focused on innovations and research in skin-related advancements. The event features a captivating demo market where visionary researchers and companies showcase inspiring innovations. Participants can immerse themselves in thrilling activities for all ages and gain insights into the potential of innovations in solving skin-related issues. The evening also includes enlightening lectures by esteemed (inter)national speakers, in Dutch and English, exploring possibilities and advancements in the field. The transformative experience encourages engagement with inspiring minds, fostering connections, and aiming to make a profound impact on global well-being through skin-related advancements.

  • Time: 19.00 - 21.00
  • Location: TechMed Centre > Atrium (ground floor)
  • Language: Dutch & English
  • Format: Live event 
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Previous edition | 2019

The first edition of The Future Under Our Skin took place in April 2019. The event gathered scientists, medical doctors, tattoo artists, students, and citizens in general around the functionalization of skin. Together, we explored the potential for co-creation with healthy citizens, patients, enterprises and other stakeholders. We have reached an open vision of the current and future role our skin has, as a platform for improving the quality of life.


The Future under our skin

Our skin can give information about our health, mood, and surroundings. Medical and recreational tattoos have decorated humans for centuries. But we can inject other materials besides ink, such as sensing devices, nano- or bio-responsive materials. With the increased percentage of the tattooed population in recent years, new health challenges have emerged; but is also a unique possibility to “read from our own skin”, beyond an artistic design. Read more information about this project on the personal website of Prof.Dr. David Fernandez Rivas.

Hosted by TechMed Centre

Enabling sustainable and personalised health by means of technology

The Technical Medical (TechMed) Centre is a leading innovation hub making an impact on healthcare through research, innovation, and education. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including research laboratories, preclinical testbeds, and simulated hospital environments, the TechMed Centre drives technological advancements in healthcare. We believe that the development, evaluation, and appropriate implementation of technology enable sustainable and personalised health for everyone. In our mission to impact society, we stimulate entrepreneurship and enable (new) companies to grow within our regional ecosystem. As an innovation hub, we collaborate with experts from healthcare, biomedical technology, and government sectors to make an impact on health in society. Read more about the TechMed Centre.

Empowered by NWA, Nwo and ERC

It is worth acknowledging that FUOS's remarkable global reach and influence have been made possible through unwavering support from esteemed entities, namely the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA), the Dutch Research Council (NWO), and the illustrious European Research Council (ERC), who have steadfastly championed and contributed to the development of the international stakeholder network that fortifies FUOS's mission and objectives.