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The programme management will send its intended Binding Recommendations to its first-year students per e-mail around August 13th. See the webpage of Student Services for more information about the Binding Study Advice and the consequences it may have for you.

If you feel you have wrongfully received a negative Binding Recommendation, you can request a hearing by the programme management within 5 working days after the date you have received the Binding Recommendation. You can send your application to:

The hearings will take place on Thursday August 24th.  The hearing committee will inform you about your final Binding Recommendation no later than Friday August 25th. The decision could be to maintain the negative Binding Recommendation or a revised positive Binding Recommendation.

In case of personal circumstances, we would like to remind you of the 1 July deadline for applying for an assessment of your personal circumstances with the Committee Persion Circumstances (CPO). Please check procedure on the website of the CPO.