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Binding Recommendation and Corona (March 2020)

On 19 March the Dutch government  announced that the binding recommendation will be postponed for first year students who do not meet the criteria of 45 credits at the end of this academic year. This decision is made because of the situation with the corona virus. The UT informed you on 20 March about this measure. 

Of course this measure also applies to the TCS-programme. This implies the following:

  • All first year student who obtained 45 credits (three math components included) or more of our first year modules, will receive a positive advice.
  • For all first year students who not meet the criteria of 45 credits (including three math components) before August 31 2020, the recommendation will be postponed by a year.

Postponing by a year (for the current first-year students) means that you have until August 31 2021 to meet the criteria. The criteria themselves do not change. The criteria are: 45 credits out of first year modules, including at least three math components.

We recommend students from 2018-2019 who already received a postponed recommendation (either by programme management, or by quiting last year before February 1 and now re-enrolled) to contact the study adviser about their situation.