Education Programme 2021-2022

Here you can find information about the curriculum, the electives modules, and the minors:

1. B-TCS Curriculum

The pdf-table in the link shows the B-TCS curriculum with the course code of modules and study units, furthermore the year and quartile they are offered, and finally, some additional prerequisites. 

2. Elective module

The pdf-table in the link shows the modules that are available to students as elective modules (students are to choose one).

3. Minors

See Article 3.2 of the general section of the Education and Examination Regulation. The in-depth module may be completed by choosing a second elective module from Table 2. If you want do an elective as part of your minor, you need to registrate via the minor organisation, next to enrollment in Osiris.

Students who choose one of the following options for their minor must first obtain permission from the Examination Board:

The Examination Board uses the following guidelines to assess the student’s request:

  1. The educational component of the minor must be at an academic level;
  2. At least 15 of the 30 credits must involve a paradigm shift;
    1. The contents of the minor must not fall within the field of computer science; or
    2. The contents of an exchange minor may fall within the field of computer science, provided that the minor is taken at an institute of higher education abroad and the educational component of the minor is at an academic level.
  3. The educational component of the minor may not overlap with the programme’s compulsory units of study;
  4. Up to five credits may be devoted to courses on the language and culture of the host country.


It is possible to do a internship during your minor during quartiles 1A, 1B and 2B. More information can be found at the programme's Canvas course. For questions you can contact Eline Meijerink ( or Sharon Vonk (