Learning objectives

An internship is a valuable component of or addition to our educational programme. It will give you an insight into the world of work and an opportunity to compare theory with practice. In the Netherlands many organisations hire students and it is not uncommon to get real responsibilities in addition to working towards your learning objectives. 

Next to gaining experience, you do an internship for your personal development. In addition to the established learning objectives, also try to set personal learning objectives. E.g. what experience do I want to gain after 10 week?, What kind of company would I like to work for?, etcetera. 

After completing the internship and obtained 15 credits, the student is able; 

  • To apply academic knowledge and skills in a professional setting
    - identify personal capacities, motivation and skills and use them in order to find a suitable internship
    - provide your own project description. If the company offers a description, than you have to provide what is your personal contribution.
    - plan the work to be carried out according to the available    time
    - Learn about professional setting in a regional company, apply academic IT- knowledge, and define your role as an academic professional in a company  that might not be familiair yet with academic IT-trainees.

  • To apply and expand scientific and technical competences in a professional setting
    - apply your current scientific and technical competences
    - expand your knowledge during your internship. Reflect on new knowledge and competences you developed during the internship

  • Work, interact and communicate in a professional organization
    - take part in discussions about the work with colleagues
    - find assistance from colleagues in the organization for specific details of the work
    - report about the work in oral and written form