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Programme aims

Attainment targets, also known as programme aims, are the qualifications you will have when you have successfully completed the Technical Computer Science bachelor’s programme. That means that these are the skills you will have when you get your BSc title:

Knowledge and experience

...regarding the domain of Technical Computer Science
The bachelor has knowledge and insight in the field of Technical Computer Science.

  1. Software: programming languages, principles of software development, software engineering, formal methods
  2. Computers: architecture and organization, system administration
  3. Networks: networks and communication, platform-based development, fundamentals of systems
  4. Fundamentals of computer science: algorithms and complexity, discrete structures, parallel and distributed computing
  5. Human media interaction: computational science, graphics and visualization, human-computer interaction, intelligent systems
  6. Information management: Databases
  7. (Data) Security: fundamentals of computer security, network security, cryptography
  8. Mathematics: discrete mathematics, calculus, linear algebra, probability theory and statistics


  1. The bachelor is capable of applying relevant domain knowledge during the design process of a system.
  2. The bachelor is capable of mapping out a problem based on a global description of it, as well as specifying a solution for the given problem.
  3. The bachelor is capable of designing systems and/or solutions, and of selecting and applying appropriate methods, techniques and models during the design process.
  4. The bachelor is capable of evaluating systems and/or solutions based on their properties, of selecting a solution based on this evaluation, and on defending the choice for a certain solution.


  1. The bachelor is capable of critically analyzing problems within the domain.
  2. The bachelor is capable of systematically setting up and carrying out research.
  3. The bachelor is capable of contributing to a subdomain of computer science.


  1. The bachelor is capable of independently attaining necessary information and of independently making information or skills their own.
  2. The bachelor is capable of analyzing and discussing ethical, social and cultural implications of problems, solutions and developments.
  3. The bachelor has insight into the functioning of teams and is capable of working in a team with several stakeholders (such as clients or users).
  4. The bachelor is capable of communicating efficiently and effectively with both colleagues and others, verbally as well as on paper.
  5. The bachelor is capable of organizing and reflecting on work processes.
  6. The bachelor is capable of taking a position on a design or scientific argument and supporting this position.
  7. The bachelor has a multidisciplinary mindset.