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Tai Chi advanced (online)

The amount of physical and mental energy that we spend in our daily life has increased enormously over the last decade.

The result is that we, as a human being, are depleting our own energy supplies and have difficulties in finding and keeping the right balance in our daily activities. 

Serious health problems are the result of this imbalance!

Tai chi helps people to relax their body and mind, in order to give the body a chance to restore its energy balance. In this balanced situation, every cell in the body receives the right amount of energy which helps people to live a healthy and energetic life.

The advanced class is appropriate for people who would like to only focus on the slow sequence of traditional Chinese movements which emphasise a straight spine, abdominal breathing and a natural range of motion.

Less emphasis will be put on subjects like the basic principles of tai chi & qigong, what is qi and how does it affect the body, breathing techniques, massaging techniques, the ancient Chinese knowledge on food etc.

Program 2020-2021


Thursday 17:00-18:00h 


22 April


9/10 weeks


€25,= for UnionCard houlders


€35,= for CampusCard holders (employees and others)


ONLINE (You will receive a link 1 or 2 days before the start of the course)


Jelle Abma




1. 31 August - 8 November
2. 9 November - 31 January (No class during Christmas holidays 21 December - 3 January)
3. 1 February - 11 April
4. 19 April - 27 June


You can purchase the course via
After your purchase, we will sent you a link via e-mail. You will receive this link 1 or 2 days before the start of the course. This link will give you the option to join the session weekly. 
Please be aware, it is not allowed to share the link with others!