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Grouplessons and courses/schedule


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not possible to do all kind of sports. 
Do you want a complete overview of our sports options at this moment? Check our news item 'Actual sports options' to stay up to date. 


Check an overview of our grouplessons here

Check our brand new grouplessons and courses schedule for period 2 here! 
The schedule is valid starting 15 November

Grouplessons and courses schedule 21/22
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The courses will be given four times a year, with a duration of 8-10 weeks. 
Information about the courses and a complete overview of our courses can be found on this page: 

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  • What do you need

    Grouplessons are provided throughout the year (except during fixed UT vacations, public holidays on which the Sports Centre is closed). In order to participate in grouplessons you need an UnionCard + Fitness & grouplesson subscription (students) or a CampusCard + grouplessons subscription (employees and external customers).

    To register for a course, you need an UnionCard (students) or a CampusCard (employees and external customers).

  • How to register


    You can register for a course online or at our servicedesk.

    Our courses have a maximum number of participants so we advise to be quick to register for a course. 


    Starting 7 June our grouplessons are back! 

    You can make a reservation 24 hours before the start of a grouplesson. 
    You can make a reservation by the following steps:

    1.       Go to and log in.
    2.       Click on the menu item, Bookings.
    3.       In the Bookings section select the sports location, which you want to make a reservation for, by clicking the ‘Room’ drop down menu.
    4.       Select in the calendar the timeslot you want to make a reservation for, if the timeslot is red you can’t make a reservation. If the timeslot is green you should be able to make a reservation.
    5.       After your reservation, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation (in Dutch). Bring this confirmation and your UnionCard/CampusCard to the sports location and show it to one of our employees. You can bring the confirmation on your mobile phone.

  • Further information
    • A grouplesson has a duration of 40-45 minutes. We have reserved the other 15 minutes in a hour to clean the equipment and to make sure everyone leaves the room in time. 
    • You do not need a physical ticket, your digital confirmation of the reservation is all you need. 
    • The Pole fitness course and grouplesson will not start. We have chosen not to, because the instructor needs to give physical help to participants. During the COVID-19 pandemic we think this is not safe.
    • We advice you to bring your own sports mat, to be sure it is clean. But we do have mats available in the classes, please use a clean towel on the mat.

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