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Pukulan is a martial art from Indonesia. As a martial art we practice all three disciplines: the sports (ola raga), the fight (bella diri) and the art combined with the spirtual forms (seni budaja)
Mastering each discipline will lead one to learn the ‘complete’ fight, however to master a discipline takes a lot of time. Take a first step and see if Pukulan is something for you!

The saying goes: “You can only become a master by training steadily”. Pukulan is derived from the indonesian word Pukul, which means to hit, and in this context it means the fight. People who practice Pencak Silat or Pukulan are called Persilats and the teacher is called Pendekar and should be adressed with Mas.

During the course you will get an introduction into Pukulan and learn why it is sometimes refered to as "chess with your hands". Furthermore you will get the basics of:

- punches / deflections / kicks
- style forms
- a little self-defence
- a better understanding about the art and culture of Pukulan
- a better balance in the body and understanding of how the body moves
- more repects towards eachother

More info and links to demonstrations can be found on the Arashi website (

Program 2021-2022


Thursday 21:00h - 22:30h


18 November


10 weeks 


€25,- for UnionCard holders (students) 

€35,-for CampusCard holders (employees UT and others) 




Ron Hendriks


1. 6 September - 14 November
2. 15 November - 6 February
3. 7 February - 24 April
4. 25 April - 3 July


The online registration will start two weeks before the start of the course. Login to the DMS website and click for the courses on What’s on offer.

All information about the registration can be found here.

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